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A buy signal is generated only when we’re trading above the 50-EMA and the MACD histogram is raising above the signal line and vice versa for a sell signal. The preferred time frame for the London DayBreak Strategy is the 15-minute time frame. One of the Best Forex Trading Strategies – The London DayBreak Strategy In trending market conditions, you can try to enter the market when the price is experiencing a correction from the large trend, or in other words, "buy dips in uptrends and sell rallies in downtrends". Or, mark support and resistance levels to be used as a benchmark for reversal and correction. Therefore, buy the dips or retracements when the short term MA signals a bullish crossover. Long term MA is below medium term MA = Downtrend Therefore, sell the rallies or retracements when the short term MA signals a bearish crossover. In contrast, short positions can be used in a downward trending market. This time, instead of buying the dips, traders can sell the rallies. Investors should keep an eye out for bearish crossovers in the direction of the trend. Scalping Trading Using The RSI. The RSI can be used to identify entry and exit points in an existing trend. Buy dips if the trend is up. Sell rallies if the trend is down. If you’re trading the intermediate trend, use daily and weekly charts. If you’re day trading, use daily and intra-day charts. But in each case, let the longer range chart determine the trend, and then use the shorter term chart for timing. You can use FOREX charts in Scalping trading systems are used across forex, stocks and cryptos. See our guide to profitable scalping strategy setups, from indicators to algorithms.

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